Who we are?

CON-CHEM SOLUTION BD Start its journey from 2020. Within several period we achieve a good position on construction chemicals service. We improve our knowledge in different section of advance maintenance and quality control during construction. We solve many structural defect by using different types of chemicals and advanced theory of repairing.
CON-CHEM SOLUTION BD is specially a customer favorite brand. We start service with the commitment Quality Service. We give best service depending on customer needed or requirement of structure.
Our major service area is waterproofing. industrial flooring, repairing, retrofitting, grouting, protective treatment etc.
Our expert team always committed to give quality method and service to our client.

Our Mission

Our Vision

CON-CHEM Mission is to provide top-quality products and services for various segments of the construciton market by using cutting-edge technologies and highly trained individuals.

To be the best in empowering the construction market by providing top-quality products and services.

Why you choose us?

Competitiveness, Adaptibility, Innovation, Moral Integrity. CON-CHEM aspiration do not stop. It aspires to keep its sucesses high and bright by:

  1. Maintainging its top position in the service marketplace and aiming to achieve number one.
  2. Using its strong base and knowledge to expand further into the region and beyond.
Cementitious, Liquid, Torch-Seal Waterproofing
Crystaline Waterproof, Cement Grouting & Self-Adhesive Memnbrane
Water Plugging. Water Repellent & Waterproofing Admixture
Epoxy Flooring, Floor Hardener & PU Flooring
Different Types of Damp-Proofing
Foundation, Column & Slab Retrofitting
Beam Retrofit, Carbon Fiber & Carbon Plate in Retrofitting
Water Repellent, ETP/WTP Coating, Fair Face Coating & Plastering
Expansion Joint & Contruction Joint
Epoxy Injection, Non-Shrink & Epoxy Anchoring Grout
Epoxy Bonding Agent, Shutter Release Agent & Curing Compound
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Whats We Are doing?


Cementitious Waterproofing

Liquid Applied Membrane

Torch-Seal Membrane Waterproofing

Crystaline Waterproofing

Self Adhesive Membrane 

Cement Injection Grouting

Instant Leakage-proofing Water-Plug

Water Repellent Treatment

Integral Waterproofing Admixture


Rising Damp

Condensation Damp

Penetrating Damp


Self-Leveled Epoxy Flooring

Strengthening by Floor Hardener

Polyurethane Flooring


Concrete Patch Repairing

Strengthening by Carbon Plate

Carbon Fiber Wrapping

RCC Retrofitting

Steel Retrofitting


Water Protection

Oil & Gas Protection

Fair Face Concrete

Joint Sealant

Gun-Grade Joint Sealant

Pouring Grade Joint Sealant


Formwork Release Agent

Epoxy Bonding Agent

Curing Compound


Epoxy Injection Grout

Non-Shrink Grout

Epoxy Anchor Grout