Epoxy Injection Grout

Epoxy Resin Grout: It is a solvent free epoxy resin grout designed for grouting of gap widths of 0.25 to 10mm. It is an all liquid system consisting of base and hardener. The components are supplied in the correct mix proportions designed for whole pack mixing on site.
  • Excellent durability – high compressive, flexural and tensile strengths ensure a long working life.
  • Cost effective – high early strength gain promotes minimum downtime and early commissioning of plant.
  • User friendly – simple, full pack mixing to ensure that the performance characteristics are achieved.
  • Versatile – suitable for a wide range of loading situations including repetitive dynamic loads.
  • Excellent in service performance – non-shrink capability ensures full surface to surface contact.

Provides a free flowing grout, for use where physical properties and chemical resistance of the hardened grout are of utmost importance. It is suitable for a wide range of heavy-duty applications including:

  • Underplate grouting to substantial structural elements.
  • Base plate grouting in dynamic load situations such as turbines and other reciprocating machinery.
  • Heavy industrial applications in steelworks, refineries chemical plants and electroplating works.
  • Structural infill where very high strength is required.
  • Rail track applications, to support heavy cranes, or on transporter rails.

Epoxy Anchoring Grout

Polyester Resin Grouts:

The versions polyester resin grout are all premeasured, two part, filled polyster resin grouts. After hardening the grout produces anchorages of consistent reproducible values.
  • Rapid strength gain
  • Vibration resistant
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Non expansive
  • Can be placed under water

This Product is used for high strength corrosion resistant anchoring of bolts and bars from 10 – 51mm diameter into concrete, rock, masonry or brickwork where high speed of installation and early application of load is required. Permanent installation of reinforcement starter bars, foundation bolts, base plates, balustrading, barriers and safety fences, railway tracks, tie-back anchors, reinforcement dowelling abutments, ground anchors for towers, cranes, dock sills

Cartridge System, for Anchoring Reinforcement Grout:

Cartridge System, for Anchoring Reinforcement Grout: This unique product is a two component vinyl-ester anchoring material, supplied in single component cartridges with a static mixer nozzle. When applied it sets and cures rapidly to firmly secure a variety of steel fixings into concrete and masonry substrates.


  • High bond strength
  • Rapid return to service
  • Can use with a good quality skeleton gun
  • No additional mixing equipment required
  • Does not apply expansive force to the substrate
  • Enables fixings closer to edges
  • Resistant to a variety of chemicals.
  • Low VOC
  • Performs over a wide variety of temperatures
  • C1 seismic resistance
  • Fire rated up to 2 hours


  • For concrete (solid, porous and light), masonry and hollow bricks.
  • Accredited for use in dry, damp and flooded concrete substrates.
  • Can be used with cracked concrete
  • Fixing of post installed reinforcement
  • Anchoring of threaded rod fixings
  • Anchoring of internal threaded rod sleeves
  • Internal, external and submerged conditions
  • Can be applied to almost any size of fixing
  • For horizontal, vertical and overhead application.